Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Geography and Me……

Yesterday: IBNLive.com: Sikh Priest killed in Vienna and clashes all over Punjab.

A Punjabi Collegue of mine explained that there are various sects who follow different religious practices.

Thoughts running in my head…”Such a trendy name for a village in Punjab…ohhh I think there is another one in Greece or somewhere”

This Morning: News headlines on TV: Curfew imposed in many parts of Punjab. Austria government promises to take necessary action.

Again, why are they showing these two news stories together… Austria Government and Sikh clashes.

I was waiting to see some pictures of Cyclone hit Kolkata.

After a while a lady was being interviewed who made this statement “ I hope this doesn’t spoil the image of the quiet sikh community that we are in Vienna”

Voila…. it dawned on me that Vienna was in fact in Austria and not Punjab

Sunday, April 26, 2009


VAGINA MONOLOGUES-- heard about this play in Bangalore when i was in college or may be had just passed out of College. Could not think of going to plays then as they were always in the evening and far from home. Daddy had this "rule" of getting back home by 9.00 PM. I didn't break the rule for a play :)

It was April 14th, Vishu( Malayalam New Year), Hubby and I got back from work and went out for Dinner at this restaurant "The Village" in Raguleela Mall Vashi. It was here that i saw a poster of "VAGINA MONOLOGUES" to be staged on 25th April.

I was thrilled, booked the tickets in the very first row of FAME, Raghuleela-Vashi.

On came 25th April, VAGINA MONOLOGUES, a Poor Box Production, directed by Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal. Frankly, i have not heard of her before, that's due to the limited exposure to Theatre.

I was sitting there in FAME waiting for the play to begin, wondering, where will they stage this as in front of me there were 5 chairs,behind which there was the movie screen.The theatre was FULL.

Will the movie screen go up, which did not seem feasible .Then my hubby and I were having this discussion that this was a monologue ( a usually long dramatic speech by a single actor)

Then Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal came up right in front of us and asked us how many of us were comfortable saying the word "VAGINA" , for the sake of people who were not ,we said the word "VAGINA" out aloud.I felt stupid.

Then on came 5 beautiful women dressed in Red and Black
Mahabanoo Mody Kotawal, Dolly Thakore,Jayati Bhatia, Avantika Akerkar and Sonali Sachdev.I have seen Dolly Thakore, Jayati Bhatia and Sonali Sachdev on Television.

The play covered various issues related to women, be it eve teasing, molestation, vaginal Mutilation or Sex without pleasure.

Mahabanoo played this 65 year old Parsi woman who had never experienced Orgasm.

Avantika played this young girl who was eve teased.Her monologue was "The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could" ,its a woman talking about sexual molestation as a child and finding her sexual liberation in her adolescence in a woman

Sonali Sachdev played this Maharashtrian Sex worker who had never seen her Vagina- This was a very good Monologue titled "Because He Liked to Look At It".

Dolly Thakore talks about the Vagina, what vagina means to a woman, she builds this monologue and gives a peep in to the dreamy world of women.

Jayati Bhatia stole the show with her different Moans.Her monologue was"The Woman Who Loved to Make Vagina's Happy" about this Lawyer who takes up a Profession of giving sexual happiness to Women.

These were some of the monologues

Its humorous , yet sensitive.

Should one watch this Play?, Yes , Definitely.It just says that vagina is just another biological Vital organ like your heart.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Foreign Perspective

(Thanks to a profile which provides an opportunity to interact with people across the world.)

When people come visiting India, usually the first time, they come with a lot of vaccinations and an inherent fear of the unknown.

They are fascinated by the Elephant, the colours, our clothes, and how cheap basic goods are.
A mineral water bottle, 2 Diet Coke Cans --all for less than a USD.

Oooh and they love our Indian Curries...

They have these places as a must visit in Mumbai

#1 on their list --- Dhobi Ghat (Near Mahalaxmi Station)
#2-- Kanheri Caves ( my reaction.... Is this in Mumbai?)

I am living in Mumbai for over 3 years now, never been to the above two places.

There are two Americans visiting India, some interesting  conversations between them and me.

Conversation No. 1

A1: I saw these two huge bulls ( with two horns) on the street today, walking all by themselves.They were looking at me as if to say "I am a BULL" and you are not...Is that Normal for them to walk all by themselves ?

Me: Huhhhhhhhhh.....they must be owned by somebody...

A2: When i saw them, all i thought was, there are so many hungry people in India, why don't they kill and eat them 

Me:Huhhhh, No they must be owned by somebody..(I know i sounded dumb)

Conversation No. 2

A1: Let me ask you this...

Me: Now what ...

A1: We have seen these three words printed behind Trucks. "HORN    OK     PLEASE"
What do they mean ?

Me: A stupid giggle....

A colleague attempting : All they mean is "If u want me to give way, Please HORN"

A1:Then why don't they write so... 


Conversation No. 3

A1: Now, Can u tell me, In India, which side of the corridor, street, or foot path do u walk on ?
I always find somebody walking towards me when i walk on the right..

Me: Very confidently, Oh! we always walk on the Left. We drive on the left and you drive on the right...

(All i thought was , i am glad somebody is not bumping in to you, when you walk past them)


(A forwarded e-mail)
There is a system in our constitution, as per the 1969 act, in section "49-O" that a person can go to the polling booth, confirm his identity, get his finger marked and convey the presiding election officer that he doesn't want to vote anyone!

Yes such a feature is available, but obviously these seemingly notorious leaders have never disclosed it. This is called "49-O".

Why should you go and say "I VOTE NOBODY"... Because, in a ward, if a candidate wins, say by 123 votes, and that particular ward has received "49-O" votes more than 123, then that polling will be cancelled and will have to be re-polled .

Not only that, but the candidature of the contestants will be removed and they cannot contest the re-polling, since people had already expressed their decision on them .

This would bring fear into parties and hence look for genuine candidates for their parties for election. This would change the way, of our whole political system... It is seemingly surprising why the election commission has not revealed such a feature to the public....

Please spread this news to as many as you know...... Seems to be a wonderful weapon against corrupt parties in India... Show your power,expressing your desire not to vote for anybody, is even more powerful than voting... So don't miss your chance. So either vote, or vote not to vote (vote 49-O)

Friday, March 6, 2009

All in the name of GOD

I feel sad to think that all this terrorism, or the so called Jehad is in the name of GOD

I wish for a world free of religions and if all human beings looked up to one supreme power called GOD.

I wish for a world where each person is identified just by his intellect and nothing more..

I wish for a world, where each one of us can live without the fear of tomorrow.

I wish for a morning news paper that has all the beautiful& peaceful incidents occuring around the world.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Latest Fad

Have got hooked on to these Jig-saw puzzles of late...

Click to Mix and Solve

Monday, February 23, 2009


Irfan Khan proves himself time and again.He is one of the actors who melts with the character completely.

This movie portrays Billu the Barber with his satiric humour trying to make the ends meet by intorducing a discount in the rates for a haircut.

In comes Sharukh Khan, playing himself(that's what he does in all his movies, so nothing new).
Word spreads in the village that Billu is an old friend of the superstar Shahrukh.

Suddenly ,Billu's world does a complete turn around, everybody in the village is helping him in the pretext of getting a chance to meet the superstar and his family is blissfully happy.

With certain twists and turns, finally the friendship between Billu and Shahrukh is never established throughout the film and only surfaces in the last scene.

This is another remake by Priyadarshan, the original being the malayalam movie "Katha Parayumpol"

The movie is watchable , Thanks to Irfan Khan.The movie could have been better if not for Shahrukh Khan.
Pain points: The item numbers of Shahrukh with Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.
Lara Dutta as a Village belle is a disappointment.

Peep in to the world through the Lens of a Photographer

For those who are even remotely interested in Photography, The Big Picture is a must see.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vintage Cars at an Exhibition..Loved them..

Loved this one...

A need..

A need to be accepted
A need to be appreciated
A need to be loved
A need to be admired.
A need to be touched
A need to be kissed
These needs creep in at odd times in Life and in different forms.
Sometimes I wonder if all that iam doing , is just to satisfy these needs.... if not then what is it ?

A dream....

This goes back to my school days, when a classmate of mine had been to Sey Chelles for her summer holidays,this developed in to a dream to step out of India at least once in my lifetime..

This was a dream which thought of a beautiful world outside India.A world filled with natural beauty...

I completed by Engineering and a whole group of Friends attempting their GRE for MS....This time too... I thought I will have a stamp on my passport...at least once.

I worked at a Bank, where i had customers showing me their immigration stamps on their passport while changing Currencies...this time too... at least once...

Then in to IT, where colleagues travel every other day and this time...circumstances had changed....i refused to travel...for long stints

Then, on came an opportunity to Travel for 3 weeks...grabbed it... there began my short tryst with Melbourne.. and finally i had that stamp on my passport.. at least once :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Managing Relatives.

I was in Bangalore for my sister's engagement.
Being her only sis, my Dad had asked me to to play the main host and say "hello hello " to every body...
There is nothing more artificial than doing this bit...

The standard conversation...

They :Oh! How are you..
Me: Fine
They :When did u come?
Me:Day Before Yesterday
They:When are u going back?
Me: Tomorrow

After this a stupid smile on my face , and a smile on their face...not knowing what to ask....

I dont ask the questions, as usual i would have forgotten if their children are married or not, wont remember anything about their family , as the saying goes...

"It is better to keep your mouth shut, than open it and proove your stupidity..."

I dread the wedding.......